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Weston A. Price Foundation Podcasts Cover Risks From 5G Exposure and Other Sources of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

SNLS | January 25, 2019

By B.N. Frank

Countless communities in the U.S. and around the world DO NOT want 5G installed near their homes and throughout their communities for a variety of reasons.  Last year, a court case was won in Gateshead, England after 5G had been installed in street lamps and residents became sick. Some women had stillbirths. 

U.S. congresswomen have already introduced federal legislation to overturn the forced installation of 5G technology in American communities.  Regardless, some federal employees, elected officials, and of course, Big Tech mouthpieces are still insisting that 5G is not only necessary but beneficial.

Earlier this week, Weston A. Price Foundation featured a podcast, “5G Near Me” with Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of the Environmental Health Trust, one of the leading environmental health organization working on 5G, small cells and cell phone radiation.

Highlights include:

  • the definition of 5G, basically technology that places small cell towers in close proximity to one another w/in your neighborhood or city
  • how 5G is supposed to be good for all the “machine-to-machine” connections: your phone to your washer and dryer, self-driving cars, etc.
  • how some companies say 5G towers need to be placed every 2-10 houses, for the signals to be continuous
  • how 5G is portrayed as a way to get faster internet connections, but how wired internet and phone lines provide faster and more secure service, without additional radiation
  • the environmental impact of 5G, including the extra energy needed to run the many small cell towers
  • how 5G can be problematic for our privacy and how it makes it easier to hack
  • how no companies have demonstrated the safety of wifi and 5G (quite the opposite has been demonstrated, in fact).
  • how millimeter waves, such as those used w/ 5G technology have been used as a crowd controlling device
  • the impact of those waves on our cells and on children whose brains are still developing
  • The NIH National Toxicology Program animal studies  that found “clear evidence” of cancer, increased bran tumors and heart damage from radio-frequency wireless radiation.
  • how the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Section 704, has been interpreted  by elected officials as a gag order to halt talking about the health effects of the placement of cell towers
  • how the United States has a higher level of allowable radiation than other countries
  • the small easy steps Theodora took to lower radiation in her own home

Ms. Scarato also recommended links with resources to stop small cell installation in communities.

Weston A. Price Foundation has featured podcasts on EMF and wireless WiFi radiation exposure before.  Unfortunately, because of the federally mandated “Race for 5G” and “Smart Cities,” none of us will be able to escape exposure from 5G unless this is stopped on earth as well as in space.

Written by SNLS


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