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Victims of FBI Subversion Now Embrace America’s Secret Police

SNLS | March 26, 2019

By Kurt Nimmo

It shouldn’t come as a surprise the FBI and the DOJ obstructed justice last year when then acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe told the House Intelligence Committee to pound sand after Republicans demanded he hand over work-related texts.

The obstruction of justice, however, is a trivial matter for the FBI. It has engaged in criminal activity for decades.

It seemed like I’d entered a new dimension deep within Bizarro world labyrinth when Democrats suddenly became defenders of the agency. Liberals and leftists, especially those in the civil rights movement and actively opposed to the Vietnam War, were targeted by the FBI and its Operation COINTELPRO in the 1960s and ’70s. Many of those targeted activists ended up in government and the ivory towers of academia.

Likewise the Grand Inquisitor, Robert Muller. He was FBI boss during the Bush and Obama administrations. He is a consummate insider. His mission as special prosecutor is to protect the establishment, the so-called Deep State.

I can only conclude Democrats are either 1) suffering from a special kind of amnesia, or 2) they’re so ethically and morally bankrupt they will buddy up with an agency that seriously violated their rights in order accomplish the current objective: the impeachment and total destruction of Donald Trump.

After J. Edgar Hoover died, the FBI remained the state’s secret police and kept busy sabotaging political opposition to the financial elite and its octopi tentacles, what we now call the Deep State, consisting of multitudinous “intelligence” (subversion and assassination) agencies, the national security state (NSC, Pentagon, and CIA), the ever-growing surveillance apparatus (NSA and appendages), and a hungry herd of “public-private” (in other words, fascist) business interests and contractors bidding to get a permanent spot at the federal feeding trough.

From the Palmer raids prior to the establishment of the FBI (at the time the Bureau of Investigation in the Justice Department) to the Occupy Wall Street movement and beyond, the FBI has worked diligently to undermine antiwar, civil rights (the assassination of Martin Luther King), ethnic nationalist movements (Black Panthers, the American Indian Movement, Puerto Rican separatists, and others), and individuals associated with those political groups.

In the case of the Black Panthers, the preferred method of disruption was assassination (Fred Hampton and Mark Clark), while the antiwar movement and other leftist movements were discredited, members of those groups arrested (usually for drug possession), audited by the IRS, fired and denied employment, and harassed in multiple ways. Many of the victims are organizers of the current leftist agenda, while others have taken over the curriculum of major universities.

Many of these individuals are not opposed to such tactics, so long as the victims are their ideological enemies. Most don’t realize they are being played.

“Just as too many on the left sleep-walked through the past two years waiting for Mueller—a former head of the FBI, the US secret police, for chrissakes!—to save them from Trump, they have been manipulated by liberal elites into the political cul-de-sac of identity politics,” writes author and blogger Jonathan Cook.

Just as Mueller put the left on standby, into waiting-for-the-Messiah mode, so simple-minded, pussy-hat-wearing identity politics has been cultivated in the supposedly liberal bastions of the corporate media and Ivy League universities—the same universities that have turned out generations of Muellers and Clintons—to deplete the left’s political energies. While we argue over who is most entitled and most victimised, the establishment has carried on raping and pillaging Third World countries, destroying the planet and siphoning off the wealth produced by the rest of us.

These liberal elites long ago worked out that if we could be made to squabble among ourselves about who was most entitled to scraps from the table, they could keep gorging on the main course.

From the very start of this fiasco, I realized it was a turf war within the establishment. The political elite are not about sharing and certainly have nothing to do with democracy (except as a deceptive advertising slogan). Trump is an outlier. He didn’t come up through the ranks. He is not acceptable to the establishment, including the Republicans who reluctantly accept him as the leader of their faction of the corporatist political party. For establishment Democrats, he is a spoiler, a man who stole the election from Hillary Clinton, the chosen successor to Barrack Obama.

Like chickens sans heads, average Democrats by and large are running around wild-eyed, frantically warning Trump is the new Hitler, a racist, a white nationalist, and he must be deposed at all cost. As usual, these Democrats are clueless to the real state of affairs—diversionary politics designed to keep folks immersed in largely meaningless political issues while behind the scenes the bankers and corporatists continue to call the shots and fleece the people, whom they have nothing but contempt for, and in the process save a corrupt system already sagging and teetering.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of Infowars.com. Donate to ADE Here.

Written by SNLS


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