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Roger Stone Arrest: Trump Associate and Dirty Trickster Indicted by Special Counsel

SNLS | January 25, 2019

LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA — In the early hours of Friday morning, the FBI arrested career ratfucker and one-time Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone. An indictment released by the special counsel’s office, which is investigating allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, accuses Stone of committing several crimes, all of which occurred long after Stone left the campaign and nearly a year after Trump won the election.

After his release from jail, Stone announced his intention to plead not guilty to the charges.

In the indictment, Stone is accused of one count of obstruction by lying to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) about the existence of documents responsive to the committee’s request for all of Stone’s communications concerning “Organization 1,” or WikiLeaks, and by attempting to “persuade a witness to provide false testimony.”

That witness is pro-WikiLeaks activist and radio host Randy Credico.

Stone is also facing five counts of making false statements, including that he did not disclose his conversations with Credico, Stone’s self-proclaimed “go-between” with WikiLeaks. He also allegedly lied about the existence of email and text records of his communications with Credico and about asking Credico to communicate something to the “head of Organization 1,” Julian Assange. Stone had left the campaign the year prior to the actions he allegedly lied about.

Stone is also charged with witness tampering. When Credico informed Stone that his lawyers were trying to reach him, Stone told Credico to “Stonewall it. Plead the fifth. Anything to save the plan… Richard Nixon.” (Stone has a tattoo of Richard Nixon’s face on his back.)

After several exchanges in which Stone asks Credico to withhold information, Credico texted Stone: “You need to amend your testimony before I testify on the 15th,” so that Stone would not be directly contradicted by Credico under oath.

“If you testify you’re a fool. Because of tromp [sic] I could never get away with [asserting] my Fifth Amendment rights but you can. I guarantee you you are the one who gets indicted for perjury if you’re stupid enough to testify,” Stone fired back.

“You are a rat. A stoolie. You backstab your friends-run your mouth my lawyers are dying Rip [sic] you to shreds,” Stone said. He went on to threaten to steal Credico’s therapy dog, Bianca,  saying he’d “take that dog away from you.”

“I am so ready. Let’s get it on. Prepare to die [expletive],” Stone threatened via email.

In text message exchange, this time with InfoWars’ Jerome Corsi, “Person 1” in the indictment, Corsi advised Stone to “be honest [with the] FBI…there was no back channel…be honest.”

“I’m not talking to the FBI and if your [sic] smart you won’t either,” Stone replied.


Stone’s checkered past and present

While Stone’s alleged behavior is unbecoming of, well, just about anyone, it should not come as a surprise to those familiar with his resume, and certainly does not substantiate the “collusion” narrative that has been promoted in the mainstream media. The most damning connection? “Stone was contacted by senior Trump Campaign officials to inquire about future releases by Organization 1.” The line does not say whom Stone was asked to contact — it could have been Credico, Corsi, or anyone else for that matter.

And asking a media company about its impending publications is not illegal. While Mueller has alleged that the hacker that gave WikiLeaks the document was no “Guccifer 2.0,” but actually 12 Russian spies with a penchant for romancing former Playboy models, it remains unproven; merely an allegation.

Stone, like his longtime associate Paul Manafort, has a storied history of deception and shadiness in politics. Stone has been a Republican operative for nearly a half of a century, first coming into prominence when he was outed by journalist Jack Anderson as “dirty trickster” for Richard Nixon. Stone played a role in the Watergate scandal; boasted about orchestrating the “Brooks Brothers riot,” a heated attempt to interfere with the 2000 presidential election recount, and has compiled a laundry list of other dirty deeds.

Stone and Manafort even set up a lobbying firm with one another in 1980 and became one of the most effective of such shops. They went on to represent dictators from Somalia, the Philippines, Angola and more. The Center for Public Integrity has said Black Manafort & Stone made more than $3 million from dictators in the early 1990s.

Top Photo | Former campaign adviser for President Donald Trump, Roger Stone walks out of the federal courthouse following a hearing, Friday, Jan. 25, 2019, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Stone was arrested Friday in the special counsel’s Russia investigation and was charged with lying to Congress and obstructing the probe.  Lynne Sladky | AP

Alexander Rubinstein is a staff writer for MintPress News based in Washington, DC. He reports on police, prisons, and protests in the United States and the United States’ policing of the world. He previously reported for RT and Sputnik News.

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