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Proxyclick: Customers Will Be Impressed When Businesses Use Facial Recognition To Identify Them

SNLS | August 1, 2019

By MassPrivateI

Leave it to facial recognition companies to make up a totally bogus claim that makes me want to slam my foot in a door.

The access management company Proxyclick claims that businesses who use their ID Match (facial recognition) will impress customers.

I do not know about you but having a company, like say Samuel Adams, use facial recognition to identify and impress beer drinkers taking a tour of their brewery would be absurd right?

Not in the screwed up world of facial recognition companies it wouldn’t.

Proxyclick’s “Impress Visitors” tab makes the typical claim that giving up your privacy is fun and will allow visitors to skip long lines. But then it makes an absurd claim that facial recognition will “impress visitors and give them a sense of your company and culture.”

Being identified the moment you walk into a business would probably scare most people and it is highly doubtful that it would impress anyone.

Proxyclick did get one thing right, though, handing out their professional ID badges “showcases a company’s true colors.” Because they let each and every visitor know that the company knows who you are, where you live, and probably who your friends and family are.

You know what would really impress customers and visitors? Tell them how facial recognition is being used to create secret whitelists and blacklists.

Facial recognition’s latest sale pitch to convince businesses that identifying everyone is fun, is appalling.

Facial recognition companies want to redesign your website

(website redesign approx 40 seconds)

Do you own a business but don’t have a website or can’t afford to upgrade it? Well worry no more because if you sign up to use Proxyclick’s ID Match they will redesign your website for you!

The trade-off is clear; agree to use Proxyclick’s ID Match and they will redesign your website, which in turn will increase your profits at the expense of customer privacy.

Using facial recognition to identify you, your family, and friends the moment they walk into a business is not fun and only impresses Big Brother.

When companies like Proxyclick offer a “service” like website redesign or when Amazon and Google offer free products, it always comes at too high a price: our privacy.

You can read more at the MassPrivateI blog, where this article first appeared.

Image credit: EFF.org

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Written by SNLS


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