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Protest: Dog Sent To “Death Row” By Government After Biting Trespasser

SNLS | January 31, 2019

By Joe Wright

The right to occupy one’s own property free from intrusion is once again under attack in the United States. By now the stories are legion of police entering private property (many times in error) and outright killing non-threatening family pets.

However, the latest incident from Guilford, CT is particularly egregious as it involves the defense of private property after a crime had already been committed against it.

As reported by local news outlet, ZIP06.com, in August 2017 a neighborhood teen was bitten by Simon, a mixed-breed dog, after the teen had breached the fenced property.  A recent press release distributed in Simon’s defense adds the detail that the teen “deliberately cut the fence separating their yards and illegally trespassed (law 22-357) on Young’s yard where Simon was playing.” Moreover, the youth “was brandishing a lacrosse stick in a threatening manner. Simon feeling threatened bit the teenager on the leg (In his own yard).”

Nevertheless, it wasn’t long before the town’s Animal Control Officer removed Simon from his property for “evaluation.” That evaluation has resulted in Simon being kept in animal shelter lock-up ever since, 18 months, and he is now scheduled to be euthanized … despite being medically cleared.

Here is an early video report from WTNH News 8 that offers additional perspective about the pending death sentence (or “disposal order” as sensitively stated by the Town Selectman, Matthew T. Hoey III, in this report):

This situation has led to outrage from many in the community who gathered on January 12, 2019 in front of the Guilford Town Hall to protest the decision and demand Simon’s release. It is apparently now up to the Department of Agriculture to grant a stay of execution.

As Simon’s owner, David Young, poignantly stated to the media: “Had that armed intruder had a gun, Simon would have been a hero.”

Whether you are angered by the treatment about this specific animal or not, it’s another chilling message given to homeowners who feel that their home should truly be their castle.

If you would like to learn more about Simon and his family, please visit Save Simon The Dog for more information or contact the Young family here to find out how you can help.

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