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Ohio and Tennessee – AT&T Plans to Fry You with 5G

SNLS | February 4, 2019

By B.N. Frank

5G already has a bad track record of making people and animals sick.  This was reported last summer after it was installed in New York City.  Last fall, the first 5G court case was won in England after people became sick and women delivered stillborn babies after it was installed inside street lamps.

A growing number of Americans – including doctors, environmentalists, tribal groups, and elected officials (1, 2) have been taking action to stop 5G installation.  Last February, some citizens were interviewed on the Dr. Oz show regarding their concerns.  Over the last few months, more elected officials started increasing their efforts to overturn federal legislation which eliminated municipal control over installation.  See 1, 2.

Unfortunately, some states already passed legislation which eliminated municipal control over 4G and 5G small cell installation – including Ohio.  This is why it’s not surprising that AT&T just announced installing more harmful 5G  in Ohio and also Tennessee.  The company also announced that they plan to eventually replace all landline broadband with it as well.

From Fierce Wireless:

AT&T tees up multiple 3.5 GHz test sites in Ohio, Tennessee

AT&T, which last year revealed plans to use the 3.5 GHz band for fixed wireless services in 2019, is continuing to evaluate the band, applying for a six-month Special Temporary Authority (STA) to conduct tests in parts of Ohio and Tennessee. The company is affording plenty of time for planning;  the application seeks an April 15 start date, ending Oct. 15, 2019.

“Applicant will conduct testing to evaluate network and product performance prior to production under expected use conditions in an actual performance environment,” the application states. “Applicant’s testing and the expected experimental equipment would support potential fixed wireless applications, including video and data transmissions.”

Specifically, AT&T wants to conduct the tests at 10 sites in Ohio and seven sites in Tennessee, including in Memphis. Plans call for using equipment from multiple manufacturers and a total of 34 units.


Even though AT&T is pursuing a mobile 3GPP standards-based 5G service first, AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson certainly made it clear during Tuesday’s earnings call that AT&T is interested in 5G as a residential broadband replacement product.


“Over time, three- to five-year time horizon, unequivocally, 5G will serve as a fixed broadband replacement product,” Stephenson said. “I am very convicted that that will be the case.

People all over the world don’t want 5G installed near their homes and throughout their communities. Since 2017, over 200 scientists and doctors have demanded a moratorium on deployment due to biological and environmental risk.  Regardless, installation continues – both above ground and below – simply because of laws passed by elected officials that knowingly put people, animals, and nature at risk.

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