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NBC Reports AGAIN About More Research Linking Social Media to Mental Health Disorders in Teens

SNLS | March 16, 2019

By B.N. Frank

The most heartbreaking part of this NBC segment may be at the end of the video when Savannah Sellers references a comment made by a 14 year old who wishes her parents would have taken her phone away when she was 11.  Then again – some of the adult broadcasters admitted they also had some of the same issues with social media as the teens.

Activist Post and many others have reported about this topic many times before.  We aren’t the only ones who have emphasized how Silicon Valley parents (aka tech parents) have been taking extreme measures to keep their kids away from screens (like spying on their nannies).

Regardless of any of this, tech companies are still shamelessly pushing these products on kids and schools are getting worse in forcing screen use as early as kindergarten with substantial funding from tech companies.

So how much more paid research needs to be done before more American parents decide to do more about ALL THE ISSUES associated with excessive screen use and exposure?

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