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Extinction Rebellion protests Amazon Fire at Brazilian Embassy

SNLS | August 26, 2019

Tonight, environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion held a protest outside the Brazilian Embassy against Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro because of the Amazon Fire.

Toward the beginning, Secret Service pushed protesters back, put on gloves and took out handcuffs, but no made no arrests.

“The Amazon is what cleans the air for the entire Earth” one activist told News2Share, referring to the Amazon as “the earth’s lungs.

“I want us to try to have a climate grief, Amazon grief co-counseling session,” suggested an organizer to the rally. The event was on pause as groups of 3-4 were formed to grieve over the environment together.

At least one activist was brought to tears.

The group marched a few blocks, taking the two Southbound lanes of Mass Ave.

“No action, no future!” chanted the activists, implying that if action isn’t taken now on the climate, life as we know it would be extinct.

Full livestream:

The activists also condemned the imprisonment of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who they say was leading in the 2018 Brazilian presidential election, but was arrested on “bullshit charges.”

A large emoji-poop balloon wearing a Brazil sash was meant to mock Bolsonaro.

Lastly, Extinction Rebellion announced plans to “Shut Down DC” by blocking the streets so “The politicians can’t get to work” and the lobbyists “can’t get to work either.”

This shutdown is planned for September 23rd.

Written by SNLS


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