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Electrical Engineering Team Brags About “Beyond 5G” Wireless Transceiver

SNLS | July 17, 2019

By B.N. Frank

So a group of inventors are psyched and bragging about their new “beyond 5G”wireless transceiver that will utilize higher frequencies and boost speeds.

A new wireless transceiver invented by electrical engineers at the University of California, Irvine boosts radio frequencies into 100-gigahertz territory, quadruple the speed of the upcoming 5G, or fifth-generation, wireless communications standard.


“We call our chip ‘beyond 5G’ because the combined speed and data rate that we can achieve is two orders of magnitude higher than the capability of the new wireless standard,” said senior author Payam Heydari, NCIC Labs director and UCI professor of electrical engineering & computer science. “In addition, operating in a higher frequency means that you and I and everyone else can be given a bigger chunk of the bandwidth offered by carriers.”

They brag despite the fact that in February, Telecom Industry executives gave congressional testimony that they have NO scientific proof that current 5G technology is safe.

In fact, research has already determined that all sources of wireless radiation are biologically and environmentally harmful – including 5G (see 1, 2).  The American Academy of Pediatrics and other health experts have also warned children are also more affected by exposure than adults. 

Additionally, numerous other highly esteemed individuals and organizations (including the U.S. Navy) have issued warnings about 5G for a boatload of scary reasons other than biological and environmental harm.

Countless security experts also have warned that 5G implementation puts the U.S. at enormous risk for catastrophic cyberattacksIn fact, all wireless devices and infrastructure are more susceptible to hacking than wired.  So it seems totally bizarre that senior author Payam Heydari, NCIC Labs director and UCI professor of electrical engineering & computer science is quoted as saying “…wireless infrastructure brings about many advantages over wired systems…” However,

Having transmitters and receivers that can handle such high-frequency data communications is going to be vital in ushering in a new wireless era dominated by the “internet of things,” autonomous vehicles, and vastly expanded broadband for streaming of high-definition video content and more.

There’s even more foolishness:

Co-author Huan Wang, a UCI doctoral student in electrical engineering & computer science and an NCIC Labs member, said that the technology combined with phased array systems – which use multiple antennas to steer beams – facilitates a number of disruptive applications in wireless data transfer and communication.

“Our innovation eliminates the need for miles of fiber-optic cables in data centers, so data farm operators can do ultra-fast wireless transfer and save considerable money on hardware, cooling and power,” he said.

“Last mile wireless” is extremely dangerous biologically and environmentally. But then again – it doesn’t seem like these folks give a rat’s fanny about anything other than what they managed to create.

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Written by SNLS


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