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Does Verizon Issuing $1B in Green Bonds for New Tech Have Much to Do with The Unpopular “Green New Deal?” What About Verizon’s Lawsuits Concerns?

SNLS | February 24, 2019

By B.N. Frank

Published February 11, 2019 by FierceTelecom: “Verizon issues $1B in green bonds to fund companywide environmental initiatives”

Verizon issued $1 billion in green bonds on Friday, and it plans to use the proceeds to fund various sustainability initiatives including renewable energy, green buildings, energy efficiency, and sustainable water management. Verizon anticipates that a majority of the funds will be allocated within three years.

The demand from environmental, social and governance (ESG) investors was substantial enough to enable Verizon to price the bond at a lower cost than its traditional bonds, said Jim Gowen, Verizon’s chief sustainability officer, in an email to Fierce.

The demand from environmental, social and governance (ESG) investors???  Do they know in 2014, Verizon acknowledged probable future lawsuits and settlements based on their business dealings in re cell phones and towers?  Do they know insurance companies don’t cover tech and wireless companies anymore because it’s too risky?

“I’m very pleased to share that proceeds from the $1 billion of 10-year green bonds will support several green 5G-related projects in Verizon’s pipeline,” said Gowen. “For example, one area of focus is smart cities where Verizon will use 5G to enable more efficient waste management, smart parking and smart lighting. For smart homes, Verizon’s goal is to use 5G to achieve enhanced energy management, smart metering and leak detection.”

5G and “Smart Cities”????  The Tech Industry can’t even say that 5G is safe and as of last year, 66% of Americans said they didn’t want to live in “Smart Cities”! The first 5G court case was already won in England but only after 5G was installed in street lights and residents suffered horribly.  Some women even delivered stillborn babies.

Doctors and scientists, environmental and tribal groups, and countless others are fighting the installation of harmful 5G in communities worldwide.  Security experts have said for years already that 5G and its sidekick, “The Internet of Things” pose HUGE cybersecurity risks because of its almost 75% failure rate. 

More from FierceTelecom:

Asked if any of Verizon’s green bond funds would be used to transition to more fiber, Gowen said,  “This is a different and unique offering.” Verizon will use the funds for the aforementioned environmental initiatives.

But he did point out that Verizon has been an industry leader in fiber deployment. “Consider our more than $1 billion purchase agreement with Corning, and other fiber-purchase deals we announced more than a year ago with Prysmian and WideOpenWest.

Fiber for 5G – which is obviously part of Verizon’s plan for 5G – is not welcome either in many American communities for many good reasons.  Argh.

So how does all of this fit in with the highly controversial “Green New Deal”?  The Green New Deal includes the forced widespread installation of the same unsafe technology that is being offered by all tech companies including Verizon.

More unsettling facts:

  1. These bonds were offered not long after The Green New Deal was proposed.
  2. Everybody who works at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) seems to have formerly worked for the telecom industry – including the chairman –AND – the agency is currently being investigated for collusion with The Tech Industry in regard to 5G .
  3. The newly appointed Attorney General is also a former telecom attorney.
  4. President Trump also now seems to be on board with 5G, etc. – as long as it’s provided by American companies.

Wondering when your community is going to be forced to accept this ungodly technology – if it hasn’t already?  Visit the following websites:

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