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CT Senator Wants Proof That 5G Is Safe Before Installing It, Whereas CT Governor Can’t Wait To Radiate The State With It

SNLS | January 15, 2019

By B.N. Frank

CT Senator Richard Blumenthal wants proof that 5G technology is safe before more is installed, whereas CT Governor Lamont can’t wait to force 5G installation – as well as free WiFi – all over the state:

Second, to attract millennials, top talent and leading companies, Connecticut will need to invest wisely in its urban centers – making them affordable and lively, where families want to live, work and play. That means great schools, safe streets and by making our cities the first with 5G in New England. The telecommunication companies are ready to start building – let’s harness that excitement, and get WiFi access into every rural town.

Americans everywhere are fighting 5G installation and for a variety of reasons.  One of them is because research has already proven that 5G exposure is harmful to humans, animals and nature.  In fact, exposure to ALL sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation as well as electrical pollution (aka Electrosmog) is harmful to humans, animals, and nature.  That’s why a growing number of Americans are trying to reduce and/or eliminate sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation in their homes, schools, and communities.

Outdated guidelines and legislation protect Big Tech even though insurance companies have refused to protect them for many years already.  Elected officials, and government employees have helped make this possible.  The only way this will stop is if more Americans demand change before more harmful and unnecessary sources of wireless radiation and Electrosmog are installed.

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