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SNLS | July 4, 2019

This is a critical update from one of the best financial commentators I know, a good friend of ours, Mr. Tom Beck, who runs PortfolioWealthGlobal.com and we’re excited to share this one with you!

There are a number of converging elements in the global economy that we must be conscious of and alerted to right now. First of all, the markets are at all-time highs and this economic expansion is, officially, the longest in U.S. history.

But, I cannot fathom how this can continue for long, since out of over 110 companies in the S&P 500 index, over 85 of them just issued NEGATIVE earnings-per-share guidance for the 2nd quarter.

Not only that, but JPMorgan’s Global Manufacturing PMI fell to its lowest level since 2012 and contracted for the 2nd print in a row.

Stocks are now rising, despite all logic and rationale. In my house, when anyone follows pure greed instead of fundamentals to make investment decisions, that’s considered bubble thinking.

Currency traders are anticipating that President Trump, who is officially running again, will continue to use the stock market as his tool of choice.

Therefore, they’re betting that the fear-mongering characteristic of his first two years in office (when no one knew what his next move would be), and the first half of this year (which saw a full month of government shutdown) will disappear. It will then be replaced by a more flexible Trump – a man of compromise – for the sake of winning the 2020 race.

People are hoarding dollars; it’s true. Personally, my cash position is the largest it’s been in the past decade.

On the one hand, stocks are expensive. On the other hand, Trump is unpredictable. So, investors wanted and still want confirmation that the coast is clear.

That has been driving the increased demand for dollars, both in 2018 and this year. If that’s dissipating, the dollar will spiral into bear territory very quickly. I mean, it’s having trouble piercing above its 200-DMA as we speak.

The battle for gold is one of epic proportions; it has been going up in spite of the dollar, but has smashed down like a failed NASA mission because the G-20 has given markets a large dose of hope for the prospect of truce.

Gold is now fighting to hang on to its support level of $1,380, but if it crashes below that, it will confirm that the cartel has won once again.

The problem that the U.S. is facing internally is that this prosperity in the markets serves only the Baby Boomer portion of the general population. Of all American generations, they’re the most heavily reliant on the markets.

The Millennials are really beginning to express their discontent with the America that the Boomers have left their children and grandchildren.

Expect this topic to become a real issue in this election and anticipate that one day, very soon, the Millennials will claim that QE1, 2, and 3 were geared to help the Boomers – and demand a QE program of their own.

We’re entering a phase of class warfare: a feud between the retiring wealthy Boomers and the young, indebted, and broke Millennials.

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