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CBS Series, “NCIS: Los Angeles” Episode on Microwave Weapons Being Used to Harm Employees

SNLS | January 8, 2019

By B.N. Frank

Earlier this week, popular long-running series, NCIS:  Los Angeles featured an episode called The Sound of Silence”

After the chief of logistics for a naval weapons station collapses on the job, the NCIS team must determine if this is a terror threat or a stress-induced breakdown. Also, Kensi and Deeks research different honeymoon locations.

Characters reference the ongoing media coverage of microwave weapons being suspected of harming U.S. employees at the Cuban EmbassyMicrowave weapons are nothing new.  During the 1950s, the Russians aimed microwave weapons at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. This is often referred to as the “Microwaving of the Moscow Embassy.”


Microwave Sickness” is commonly mistaken for other illnesses.  Exposure to microwave (aka wireless or WiFi) radiation and other sources of “Electrosmog” can cause a variety of symptoms and conditions – whether it’s directed or not.

It sometimes resembles “The Flu.” Many experts strongly recommend eliminating or at least reducing exposure – especially to children and pregnant women.  Despite all of this, some health care professionals continue to ignore and/or dismiss its potential to harm patients including animals.

Wireless implants are also dangerous as they are constantly emitting radiation AND they are susceptible to hacking.  In 2004, former Vice President, Dick Cheney, had the wireless turned off on his pacemaker because he was afraid someone would try to kill him by hacking into it.

Insurance companies have refused to cover wireless radiation exposure risk for many years now.  Residents of Gateshead, England became sick after 5G wireless was installed in street lights and eventually council members were held liable.  Despite this and plenty of research that has already proven harm from exposure, there are still campaigns being promoted (including the “Race for 5G”) to install more microwave radiation emitting devices and infrastructure in the U.S., around the world, and in outer space.

Proponents insist that installing harmful technology is what’s best for humankind and the environment.  Of course, they are also being paid to do so.

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