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CBS “60 Minutes” Segment about Company Sending Small Satellites Into Space to Take Pictures to Sell to Whoever Wants Them For Whatever Reason.

SNLS | January 29, 2019

By B.N. Frank

Scientists have already warned that there is too much space junk already and that it’s creating dangerous situations on Earth as well as in space.  Regardless, Planet Labs is in the business of making small satellites to send into space to take pictures of Earth to sell to whoever wants them for whatever they want them for even though they are aware this could also create dangerous situations.

Recent CBS 60 Minutes segment, “Private company launches largest fleet of satellites in human history’ to photograph Earth, provides more details:

A private company named Planet Labs has put about 300 small satellites into space, enough to take a picture of the entire land mass of the Earth every day. Those small satellites have created a big data problem for the government which can’t possibly hire enough analysts to look at all those pictures. Welcome to the revolution.

Revolution?  Hardly.  More like “Welcome to more capitalizing on surveillance and more dangerous situations – environmental and otherwise.”

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