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Are Palm Beach and Trump’s Estate Exempt from Legislation Forcing 5G Small Cell Tower Installation Everywhere Else?

SNLS | December 27, 2018

By B.N. Frank

According to a May 3, 2017 article, Palm Beach residents would be exempt from state legislation mandating the forced installation of 5G small cell towers in front of Florida homes and everywhere else throughout the state:

“We have been carved out,” Bradford said. “That law does not apply to us.”

The exemption or “carve out” is welcome news in Palm Beach, where Bradford and Mayor Gail Coniglio have warned the new law would be an aesthetic disaster.

Actually, Gail, it would have been an aesthetic, public health, and environmental disaster.  Y’all dodged a bullet there.

Unfortunately, federal 5G legislation passed in September which has mandated the forced installation of 5G near all American homes and everywhere else throughout the U.S.  HOWEVER, some are still speculating that Palm Beach residents and property owners – including President Trump – will continue to be exempt from the installation of this risky and harmful technology. 

Many Americans don’t want 5G installed near their homes and throughout their communities for a variety of reasons.  One of them is because research has already proven that exposure to 5G is harmful.  Some elected officials are now demanding evidence that 5G is safe before more is installed.

Despite federal legislation, Burlington, Vermont has already managed to stop 5G from being installed throughout their municipality.  This indicates that other municipalities can stop it too if they are willing to fight.

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