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Are Americans Becoming Soft or Safety-Conscious? How Kentucky Governor and FCC Chairman Shamed Americans for Having Backbones.

SNLS | February 2, 2019

By B.N. Frank

Many of us are already aware that earlier this week there was a Polar Vortex that affected a large part of the Midwest and Northeast.  Businesses, churches, and schools closed because of below zero temperatures and wind chills.  Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin complained about schools closing based on these unusual extreme temperatures.

Gov. Matt Bevin prodded Kentucky school districts to toughen up in the face of dangerously frigid winds that are blowing through the region.

Speaking on 840 WHAS radio Tuesday, host Terry Meiners reminded Bevin that he would be up late tonight with his children because of classes being canceled on Wednesday.

“Now we cancel school for cold, I mean — ” Bevin said.

“It’s deep freeze; this is serious business,” Meiners responded.

“Come on, now,” Bevin said. “There’s no ice going with it or any snow. What happens to America. We’re getting soft, Terry, we’re getting soft.”


Bevin admitted during the interview that it is better for school districts to take the side of caution, but he told 840 WHAS that he is increasingly troubled by how the country reacts to adversity.

“I’m being only slightly facetious,” he said, “but it does concern me a little bit that in America on this and any number of other fronts, we’re sending messages to our young people that if life is hard you can curl up in the fetal position — somewhere in a warm place — and wait till it stops being hard, and that just isn’t reality, it just isn’t.”

Many do not seem to share Bevin’s opinions and he was immediately lambasted by practically everyone – including other elected officials.  A Kentucky business is also now making and selling T-shirts with the imprint “Soft Kentuckian.”  (LOL)

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai has complained about Americans trying to stop telecom companies from installing small cell towers and infrastructure near their homes and all over their communities.  He has referred to this as “NIMBYism run amok.” NIMBY being “Not in My Back Yard.”

Mr. Pai is currently being investigated for collusion regarding federal legislation that he promoted which removed municipal control over the installation of 5G small cell towers and infrastructure.  Anybody else hoping someone makes T-shirts?

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