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Apple’s HomePod 2 and Google’s Nest Guard Take Spying on Your Family to the Next Level

SNLS | February 21, 2019

By MassPrivateI

Who needs Big Brother to spy on you in your home when Siri and Google will do it for them?

Two recent stories prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that smart device surveillance is real.

According to Mac Rumors, Apple recently applied for a facial recognition and 3D hand gesture patent for their new HomePod 2 smart speaker.

A recent article in Gadgets 360 describes the HomePod 2’s facial recognition and hand gesture identification as an “interesting new feature.”

“Apple may add a number of interesting new features in the next edition of its HomePod speaker.”

Another article in Phone Arena describes HomePod’s facial recognition as “a turn for the futuristic.”

Below is a picture of the inside of a HomePod covered with microphones now imagine what the HomePod 2 will look like covered with cameras and microphones.

Homepod 2  a perfect home surveillance device

credit: AppleInsider

Mac Rumors warned that soon all smart speakers will be equipped with facial recognition.

In late 2017, the president of Apple supplier Inventec said his company sees a trend towards both facial and image recognition technology being incorporated into smart speakers, without specifying which speakers in particular. This led Apple analyst Jeff Pu to predict the launch of a Face ID-enabled HomePod in 2019.

Because who doesn’t want to be spied on by a smart speaker? Google and Apple have taken home surveillance to the next level.

Yesterday, the BBC News revealed that for at least two years Google’s Nest Guard has come equipped with a hidden microphone in them.

Google has acknowledged that it made an error in not disclosing that one of its home alarm products contained a microphone.

Product specifications for the Nest Guard, available since 2017, had made no mention of the listening device.

Google claims their hidden microphone “has never been on and is only activated when users specifically enable the option.”

If you bought a lamp or a TV from someone and they installed hidden microphones in them they would be arrested for wiretapping, but not Google; who claims they forgot to tell people!

Google Clips is a lot like Nest, they both claim to be innocuous and designed to make people’s lives easier but when you dig deeper you discover it is all a smokescreen. Two years ago, I wrote an article exposing how Clips uses facial recognition to identify everyone in your home.

Fast forward two years and you can see history repeating itself with the HomePod 2 and Nest.

A 2018 Forbes article about smart device surveillance warned, “the biggest threat smart devices pose is how governments can misuse the data they collect and use them to conduct mass surveillance on a planetary scale.”

It is time for Americans to wake up and realize that smart home devices are nothing more than Big Brother surveillance devices masquerading as speakers, TVs, thermostats, doorbells, etc.

You can read more from MassPrivateI, where this article first appeared.

Top image credit: GeekSpin

Written by SNLS


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