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Another Video Explores Ridiculously Dangerous 5G Technology and the Absurdity of Gov’t Agencies, Elected Officials, and Telecom Companies Still Promoting It

SNLS | March 5, 2019

By B.N. Frank

You may not have heard about 5G or 6G technology until President Trump posted about it on his Twitter page last month.  Regardless, the forced installation of 5G has already been happening in the U.S. and all over the world even though:

  1. Security experts say 5G and its sidekick The Internet of Things (IoT) create huge cybersecurity risks (see 1, 2).
  2. The Telecom Industry can’t say it’s safe biologically or environmentally.

Many videos have already been posted online discussing 5G including this new one featuring Josh Sigurdson interviewing author, economic and telecom analyst, John Sneisen.  

Don’t have time to watch the whole the video?  Other unsavory tidbits on everyone promoting and forcing the installation of 4G and 5G small cell technology include:

  1. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is being investigated for collusion regarding federal 5G legislation which eliminated local control over installation
  2. Telecom companies have been warning shareholders that they may eventually be held liable for harming everyone with their products and infrastructure
  3. Insurance companies won’t cover telecom companies anymore because it’s too risky

Regardless, Sprint  – along with Verizon and AT&T – are planning to install MORE 5G everywhere and many of the “powers-that-be” don’t want to stop them despite everything we already know about 5G including:

  1. Last summer, New Yorkers reported about newly installed 5G affecting their health as well as the health of their pets
  2. Last fall, the first 5G court case was won in England after 5G was installed in street lamps. Residents became sick and some women delivered stillborn babies.

Activist Post has obviously published many articles about efforts opposing installation.  Here are more:

5G sucks in more ways than one but it still seems to be legal to install this everywhere – including in space.  (No kidding.)  We also seem to be out of time trying to make sense out of any of this.  So if you’re concerned, visit the following websites for more information and start raising hell TODAY:

Image credit: Pixabay

Written by SNLS


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