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4 Dead in California After Man Goes on Stabbing Rampage That Lasted Hours

SNLS | August 8, 2019

California Stabbing Rampage

(ZH) — In an event that we’re guessing will not have people grandstanding all over the media asking for a national knife ban, a 33-year-old Garden Grove man who was “full of anger” went on a “stabbing and robbery rampage” that lasted two hours on Wednesday night, according to Bloomberg. As a result, four people were killed and two others were left injured.

The man was taken into custody outside of a 7-Eleven in Santa Ana and relinquished both a knife, along with a handgun that he had stolen from a security guard.

Reports claim that the violence was “random”, with Garden Grove Police Lt. Carl Whitney stating that the man’s only motives seemed to be “robbery, hate, [and] homicide”. He also added that both the suspect and the victims were all hispanic.

Whitney stated: “We know this guy was full of anger and he harmed a lot of people tonight.”

Detectives are gathering evidence and interviewing the man in preparation for a court case. Lt. Whitney commented that security cameras also “caught some of the carnage”.

“We have video showing him attacking these people and conducting these murders.”

The owner of a bakery that the man robbed at about 4PM PST said: “He went directly to the register and tried to open the register … he showed me a gun. He took all the money and fled. I think I was very lucky because he thought I was a customer, not the owner.”

The man also robbed an insurance company and stabbed a 54 year old employee.

Lt. Whitney continued: “He was armed with some sort of machete knives when he confronted the woman. The woman was very brave. She fought as best she could.”

An alarm company caught the robbery happening live on video and called police. “They could see that the female victim was on the ground with blood and multiple injuries,” Whitney commented.

The killer then moved next door to a check cashing business, which he robbed. Shortly after 6PM, he attacked a man pumping gas at a Chevron station for no reason without robbing him. The man was stabbed in the back and nearly had his nose “severed off his face”.

A male employee of a nearby Subway restaurant was also fatally stabbed during a robbery.

Undercover detectives then tracked the killer’s Mercedes to the parking lot of the Santa Ana 7-Eleven, to find the man walking out of the store with a knife and a gun he had “cut from the belt of a security guard” after stabbing him. The killer reportedly stalked the guard walking into the store and stabbed him several times during an altercation.

The man lived in a Garden Grove apartment complex where he stabbed two men during a confrontation. Both men from the apartment complex died as a result of their injuries: one at the complex, the other at the hospital.

The attacks in both Garden Grove and Santa Ana took place at more than 6 places and lasted more than 2 hours. Two people who were injured were reported to be in stable condition and were expected to survive.

By Tyler Durden | ZeroHedge.com

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